Six days a week, three meals a day, Nicky’s diner will have some of your favorite dishes or something wonderful and new on special.

Breakfast specials

Nicky’s Diner is Roswell’s Diner. Our diner has everything you’ve come to love about modern diners and some extras. We have a friendly, full service wait staff. We have a menu that literally dwarfs the big chain restaurants. Our Food quality is far superior to any chain as well. We have Hala Bread madef Fresh daily. Want a bee or some wine with that meal? We have that too. and to top everything off, we have fresh, in house made deserts.
Breakfast Specials coming soon.

Lunch Specials

With our full menu, call ahead drive-thru carryout pick up service , Nearby Roswell offices have been just calling ahead and picking up a great lunch for everyone in the office in a just a few minutes.
Read our Lunch Specials

Dinner Specials

Finding one dish that is everyone’s favorite usually just doesn’t happen. At Nicky’s diner we have a very large menu, were certain to have something everyone can call their favorite. Whether your going to dine with us, or use our full menu drive-thru and please everyone at home, you’ll have a memorable meal from Nicky’s Diner.
Read our Dinner Specials

Daily Blackboard Specials

On a daily basis we have a blackboard with daily lunch and dinner specials. These specials are in addition to the normal daily lunch and supper specials. Here’s just some of the things you may find:

  • Lobster
    • Steamed
    • Broiled
    • Stuffed with crab meat
  • Whole Red Snapper
  • Fajitas
    • Steak
    • Chicken
    • or both!
  • Seafood combo
  • Felafel
    • Felafel sandwich
    • Felafel platter with rice, Greek salad and spinach pie

Many more specials are available on a changing daily basis.